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White Papers

This section of HR Cloud Solutions website contains White Papers written about the emerging Cloud platform and provides an insight into the technology, business applications and innovative approaches to delivering services in the Cloud environment.

White Papers

Investing in HR Technology

This document uses an analogy to illustrate why investing in HR technology is like investing in a railway network.

IKEA Style Prefabricated Platform

This document illustrates how prefabricated HR components can be factory assembled to build an HR platform solution

HR Platform Services Data Sheet

This is a data sheet describing the scope of platform services clients can expect when they engage HR Cloud Solutions and install their Cloud ecosystem products

The True HR Cloud Platform

This document describes how to determine what is a "true" HR Could Platform product using the CIGMA criteria

Platform-as-a-Service Ecosystem for HR

This is a data sheet describing the kind of ecosystem needed for HR application development and HR Cloud Solutions' model.

Platform-as-a-Service: The HR Perspective

This is a special one page summary describing in simple terms what Platform-as-a-Service is and why it is an important development for HR.

Successful Platform-as-a-Service Requires a Supporting Ecosystem for HR Applications

This White Paper discusses the role an ecosystem plays in HR application development on the platform and outlines the service offering of HR Cloud Solutions and the components of the ecosystem they have created.

The Business Case for Mobile Computing

This White Paper contains a 63 page detailed analysis of how mobile devices can contribute to process improvement.

HCM Application Integration in the Cloud

This White Paper takes a look at application integration from an HR business perspective, describes the different techniques and examines whether it is a sustainable strategy for HCM in the light of emerging technologies.

From Open Source to Open Platform for HCM Applications

The new (due to be released by in early 2011) product represents a shift for Human Capital Management (HCM) systems from open source, where code is available to developers, to open platform where plug-in points may be publicly exposed via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to allow applications from multiple vendors to operate together on a common database platform. This White Paper explains how HR Cloud Solutions has developed an ecosystem to support the emerging developer network building applications on a Cloud platform.

Platform-as-a-Service the New Horizon for HR

This White Paper produced by Competitive Edge Technology takes a look at the implications of Platform-as-a-Service for HR and HCM applications.

HCMS Component Assembly on the Platform

This White Paper produced by Competitive Edge Technology explains the concept of component application assembly and details how the technique works in practice to deliver fantastic benefits to the HCM community.

Component Assembly Model Implementation

This White Paper produced by Competitive Edge Technology explains how the Component Assembly Model (CAM) looks when implemented as an HCM application. HR Cloud Solutions provides a working model of the CAM as a packaged set of objects, fields and page layouts for HRCS clients.