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HR Solution Finder - Data Requirements (Level THREE) Weighting

Level THREE requirements go down to the data level and identify what data is needed to produce company information. If data is not available in the chosen system then customisation will be necessary to close the functional gap. Data is assigned values out of 10, where 1 is nice to have and 10 is must have. This level is used to determine a factor that can be applied to level TWO scores. For example, a product may have an employee details feature but may not collect passport information. If that is critical for the business than a product that contains that data must be scored higher than a product that would indicate a gap and customisation is needed. The detail from this level helps produce a detailed assembly map if a client wishes to build their own custom developed solution.

In the screen example below the client assigned a value of 5 out of 10 to each item. If data is not required the item is left blank or assigned a zero. The data specified during this step of the process is used to identify which fields need to be included in the page layout if a custom development option is preferred.

SCREEN SHOTS - Level THREE Weightings