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Overall Requirements

The Overall Requirements weightings capture the relative importance of core, specialty and administrative components (see diagram below) and are usually determined by the nature of the client’s business. For example, if the client has a large staff turnover and does a lot of recruiting then specialty components may carry a higher weighting than administrative components.

The values in the Overall Weighting section in the screen shot below must add up to 100. If they do not an error message will be displayed.

The table below the diagram lists the HR functions within the vomponent groups.

SCREEN SHOTS - Overall Requirements

The components included in the list below represent HR business functions and define the structure of the client groups set up in Chatter. Not all components require a group and members of the project team may belong to more than one group.
Core Components Specialty Components Administrative Components
Manage Organization Details Manage Recruitment & Selection Administer Premises Security
Manage Position Details Manage Company Total Compensation Administer Award & Recognition Program
Manage Employee Life-Cycle Manage Person Performance Administer Company Housing Program
Administer Employee Benefits Program Manage Employee Career Plans Administer Company Medical Program
Administer Payroll Manage Company Succession Plan Administer Company Transport
  Manage Competency Requirement Administer Employee Locker Allocation
  Administer Learning & Development Administer Employee Uniform Allocation
  Manage Workforce Information Administer Employee Stock Purchase Program
  Manage Workforce Plan Administer Employee Travel Entitlement
  Administer Employee Time & Attendance Administer Employee Assignments
    Administer Occupational Health & Safety
    Administer Leave Entitlements
    Manage Location Details
    Record Employee Dependent Information
    Manage Compliance