Selecting the right combination of component products is an exact process: Not based on subjectivity or "we like the caps, mugs and lovely sales people" - which unfortunately used to be too common in the past. Due diligence will sort out whether it is the right company to do business with later.

The selection process must be an objective assessment of avaibale solutions based on a company's data, information reporting and transaction needs and products compared on a mathematical base. The process must assign the right level of importance to components to ensure the critical items are appropriately rewarded during the evaluation process. For more information see the Requirements Specification page.

The RFP (Request For Proposal) approach to HRMS product selection is no longer appropriate for today's environment. Marketing hype and the vendor "tick the box" method will not provide the right result. HR Cloud Solutions provide an online tool that enables:

A weighted assignment to a standard list of commonly required components

The specification of requirements based on function, HR process and data needs

A customisable portal tool adaptable for mobile devices to gather input

For more information about our partners specialising in component selection go to HR Microservices

Business Benefit   How We Assist
Reduced project time   Requirements Definition:
Less likelihood of staff changes during project life-cycle   Technical & General Requirements
Components can be interchanged later if needs change   Overall Requirements
Component selection is an on-going process.   Functional Requirements (Level 1)
No "big bang" approach to HRMS replacement.   Process Requirements (Level 2)
Pre-tested components - reduced User Acceptance Testing   Data Requirements (Level 3)
Total cost is known at time of product selection: No surprises   HR Metric Requirements
Functional gap closure fully costed   Business Process Improvement Calculator