Gamification will change the way HR applications are designed and HR processes are implemented

Business Benefits How We Assist
Improved employee engagement and greater interest in daily tasks. We help you set up the platform and then download and install the game app.
Employee recognition (both within the oragization and externally via LinkedIn skills list) Our partners help you maximize the benefit from the games in your business environment.
Improved productivity We help you author and publish games on this website.
Additional Information  

HR Cloud Solutions help clients build custom applications on the platform to take advantage of games built specifically for the client's business.

For the HR professionals serious business simulation game check out HR Strategizer.

HR Strategizer Generic Games
HR Strategizer Game ONE is based on a hypothetical airline and simulates business activity that chooses the best strategy (from 3 scenarios) to address current issues. General HR Games Menu
Game ONE Player Input Games Template

Click on the "Game" to play or click on "Scores" to view progress

Players will require a valid Player ID. Conact to request a Player ID HR Absence Game - Scores
  HR Background Check Game - Scores
  HR Career Dev Game - Scores
HR Compliance Game - Scores
HR Discrimination Game - Scores
HR Dismissal Game - Scores
HR Diversity Game - Scores
HR Incentives Game - Scores
HR Induction Game - Scores
HR International Game - Scores
HR Interviewer Game - Scores
HR Learning & Dev Game - Scores
HR Mentor Game - Scores
HR OHS Game - Scores
HR On-Board Game - Scores
HR Privacy Game - Scores
HR Promoter Game - Scores
HR Recruiter Game - Scores
HR Remunerator Game - Scores
HR Social Game - Scores
HR Successor Game - Scores
HR Terminator Game - Scores
data model for hr cloud solutions

HR Cloud Solutions offer a comprehensive data model containing over 100 objects and 2,500 data elements. The model describes field types and attribute details. Clients may build their own applications to industry standard to allow plug-in capability for components built to the same model.

plugin platform for hr cloud solutions

HR Cloud Solutions provides a pre-built plug-in framework on the platform to accelerate custom development. The platform is built according to the data model. HR Cloud Solutions provide a component registry to locate objects and components that can plug-in to the integration points or copy and paste formulas for rules or picklists for content.

HR Cloud Solutions offer assistance to incorporate modern features (such as mobile, social, integrated reporting platform, and custom development extension capability) into clients'existing legacy systemsa using the platform.