HR Cloud Solutions is a long-time advocate for component assembly. See the Blog page for more details.

HR Cloud Solutions support HR platform development and component assembly by providing downloadable pre-built objects in the form of an application framework known as the HR Data Platform, along with a component apps store and library of reusable code. Contact us to find out more.

Pre-built Objects Ready to Install

Objects include fields, tabs, page layouts, security settings, etc. The objects listed below are available for download free to clients.

Employee Details Objects [Basic Details, Work_Status, Passport, License, Emergency_Contact, etc.]

Talent Management Objects [ Recruitment & Selection, Performance, Career Plans, Succession Plan, Learning & Development, etc. ]

Employee Welfare Objects [Affirmative Action, Medical Record, Hospital Treatment, OHS Accident Details, Rehabilitation, Workers Compensation, etc.]

Employee Services Objects [Expatriate Details, Assign a Locker, Assign Company House, Uniform Issue, Employee Travel, etc.]

Compensation & Benefits Objects [Salary Package, Enroll in Benefits, Bonus Record, Stock Purchase, Motor Vehicle Administration, Car Parking, etc.]

Payroll Processing Objects [Pay Preparation, Pay Run & Adjustments, Time & Attendance, Leave Administration, etc.]

HR Cloud Solutions offer services to specify application needs, select the most appropriate components, install the objects and set up the working environment.

The whole process, from specification to system assembly, takes less than 5 days and usually costs less than $10k. For more information contact us. Ongoing hosted services costs depend on the platform selected.


How the Object Assembly Process Works