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Best Fit Solution - Gap Level ONE

The first phase of the gap analysis is to focus on the higher level intended to differentiate at HR function level, within the major components (core, specialty and administrative), and helps determine the relative importance of payroll, versus employee lifecycle, or learning and development, versus time and attendance. In the screen shot the functional gap of 21 is analysed to see where the gap occurs. Notice most of the gap is in the Admin Components (18). Then by drilling down it is possible to see where the gaps occur in more detail. In the lower screen shot it is possible to determine the vendor is unable to supply the components for Security, Housing, Medical, Transport, Lockers, and Uniforms that the client requested.

For more detail it is possible to drill down on each item. In the following example we drill down on Security and Housing to see more detail of the gap.

SCREEN SHOTS - Best Fit Analysis Level ONE