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Best Fit Solution - Gap Analysis at the Top Level

The functional gap can be analysed with clients during a Go-To-Meeting session with HR Cloud Solutions and using a system view of the data. Clients can drill down to identify where the gaps occur and can use the Wiki link to obtain a list of specialty providers to potentially fill the gap. Notice the product at the top of this section of the list scored 79 with a gap of 21.

The Top Level is the start point of the gap analysis phase: Requirements can always be revisited later and weightings changed, which will result in a new set of figures and possibly a new order of best fit. The next step is to drill down to identify more detail.

Gap analysis at Level One: This level is usually addressed by plugging-in a complete specialty solution.

Gap analysis at Level Two: This level is usaully addressed by locating specialty products and custom development. Access to the HR Cloud Solutions helps find available options.

Gap analysis at Level Three: This level is usaully addressed by custom development and plug-in components from developers. Access to the Wiki is essential.

To gain a better understanding of the scope and cost to close the Level Three gap HR Cloud Solutions produce a detailed report comparing over 2,500 data elements and prepare an estimate of cost.

SCREEN SHOTS - Gap Analysis