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Software developers are invited to present their products to the HR Cloud Solutions community as (a) a plug-in application to the HR Platform Solution, or, they may wish to (b) develop software components on the platform as interchangeable or add-on solutions.

For complete integration HR Cloud Solutions recommend building to the HR-CSAS (Human Resource Component Software Application Standard) guidlines. Now also referred to as HR MOADS (HR Microservices Open Application Development Standard

(a) Plug-in Applications for Software Suppliers

Software developers are invited to list their products as plug-in components on the HR Solution Platform. Contact us for more details on how to integrate your product and list on our HR business specific sites

(b) Software Component Development

Developing components has never been easier and entry point to the market never more realistic: There is no need for costly infrastructure. The platform makes it simple for developers of any standard to build apps and HR Cloud Solutions offer all of the content and data standards necessary.

Components can be large (full HRMS), medium (Specialty Components - such as recruitment), small (interchangeable objects) or micro (code listed on the Commercial Component Registry for reuse by other developers).

To easiest way to participate in the HR Cloud Solurtions commercial developer community is to build interchangeable object:

By developing interchangeable objects clients can simply substitute objects in their object repository, with the same name, and retain all joins and data connections.


Resource Component Software Application Standard - for Application Development

The Human Resource Component Software Application Standard (HR CSAS) is available as a PDF document to community members and contains all the information needed to design an HCM product. There are over 100 objects defined and over 2,500 data elements. .

Human Resource Component Software Application Standard - Sample Page
Published APIs
The Human Resource Component Software Application Standard (HR CSAS) can be implemented as a working application. The diagram below is a data model, or database schema, of the objects contained in the HR CSAS.
The purpose of providing a common data model for HCM developers is to enable plug-in applications to a consistent platform.
Common Data Model for HCM Applications