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About Us

HR Cloud Solutions is an entity set up, and privately owned, by Competitive Edge Technology (CET). CET is a consulting company specializing in human resource software specification and selection. Incorporated in 1994, CET has assisted clients to find the right solution to improve processes and reduce the cost of technology ownership throughout Australia, Asia and the USA. CET has always advocated component-based software assembly and has led the way in defining standards and promoting the technique as a means of eliminating the functional gap. HR Cloud Solutions and CET are at the forefront of change and believe the way we specify, select and deploy HCM applications has has changed forever and new methodologies and approaches are necessary.

CET is the only company that specializes in defining HRIS requirements down to data level to support the new generation of applications requiring that level of detail: For example, user driven custom application development, gamified applications requiring HR metrics to measure employee performance, flexible back-end data sets to support mobile delivery and integration mapping to create a unified database for reporting.

CET products, such as the HCM Mashup Builder, and services, such as the Best Fit Analyzer, are built on the platform.


New CET services address the Platform-as-a-Service features now enabled by Cloud computing.


data model for hr cloud solutions

HR Cloud Solutions offer a comprehensive data model containing over 100 objects and 2,500 data elements. The model describes field types and attribute details. Clients may build their own applications to industry standard to allow plug-in capability for components built to the same model.

plugin platform for hr cloud solutions

HR Cloud Solutions provides a pre-built plug-in framework on the platform to accelerate custom development. The platform is built according to the data model. HR Cloud Solutions provide a component registry to locate objects and components that can plug-in to the integration points or copy and paste formulas for rules or picklists for content.

HR Cloud Solutions offer assistance to incorporate modern features (such as mobile, social, integrated reporting platform, and custom development extension capability) into clients'existing legacy systemsa using the platform.